We design racing aircraft

Welcome to the creative minds at Lorenger Aerospace! We create aircraft for X-Plane® flight simulator, produce short films, Do digital prototyping / CAD design, and continue to pursue education as a first priority for our younger generations to come. Leading the way, Creating the future.

To design, test, and prototype aircraft in the X-plane® flight simulator, we start out with research and performance table hunting. With this information, we acquire the data needed to construct the aircraft.

H-1A 3-View

Finding a 3-view drawing, sketch, or basic concept idea is typical for aircraft builders to start with in the design process. The preliminary designs can be reproduction aircraft, like our Hughes H-1A Racer shown below, or we can take the design process to another level creating very unique designs.

H1-A for X-plane

L.A.R.C. Created a working prototype for X-plane®...The Howard Hughes H1-A For X-plane® 7.63

Many years ago, which has been outdated by todays standards, and has been re-mastered by other aircraft designers as well. Most of our designs, whether reproduction or original, they have a very short lifecycle. These are mostly created for fun and hold no real significant value, with the exception of our own designs, that is where we spend most of our time on the drawing board and even more time flight testing, tuning performance, etc

Congratulations X-Plane® enthusiast! You are the proud owner of the Howard Hughes H-1A prototype. This aircraft is far from complete and has been undergoing extensive changes since the summer of 2005. There will not be continual updates as time goes on. There will not be different variants of this amasing aircraft too, like a float-plane, military fighter, and a modified race plane. For now this is a design freeze for version 7.63, all further updates will not be in later versions. Partially the reason for halting development is that the propeller dynamics and the flight model are much more refined in later versions since it's design in 7.63. We feel this aircraft must be represented well in X-Plane, and by moving forward in sim versions we feel there can be major improvements in the flight and 3-D model. This project is the outcome of a lot of research and time dedicated in the simulator just to get things accurate. The level of realism is directly proportional to the information received, time spent flight testing / designing, and decent guesswork. This version of the H-1A is by no means canon or accurate to the real aircraft. We are sorry to say, there wasn't proper information accrued for this project, no accurate blueprints or performance data tables were found. We did the best we could do to design the flight model similar to rumors, stories, and information bench marked from the original Hughes Racer and the Racer Team Replica. The Racer Team had masterfully reconstructed their H-1B from scratch by reverse-engineering the original in the Smithsonian. This aircraft has an aura of mystery enveloping her. She being an unobtainable enigma or fleeing ghost, now which remains to be seen. This is definitely a one-of-a-kind airplane and we really hope you enjoy your time with her, as do we in the development of this beautiful sculpture.
-Added notes in above excerpt hinting that there will not be any further development on the H-1.

A video clip showing the Lorenger Aerospace version of the Howard Hughes Racer racing at RENO.

L.A.R.C. / Lorenger Aerospace Research Corporation


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